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Chas. Clips - Fuel Double

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18mm suits 16-20mm

30mm suits 28-32mm

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Clip for retaining 1 fuel line and 2 separate cable groups.

A simple and clean answer to securing your fuel lines without pinching or restricting them. The fuel line can be easily fed back through the clip when needing replacement, or removal for cleaning, draining the tank etc without the necessity of having to cut tethers.


Together with the fuel line, these clips enable you to run 2 cable sets, separated by the fuel line. Great for the run under the seat and leading up to the engine.


The suspension of the fuel line and cables also helps eliminate rub marks on your paint.


  •  Select 30mm for all main chassis tubes

  •  Select 18mm for seat and steering column uprights, etc.

  •  Available in hard plastic or rubberised.


Suits 4-5mm cable ties to secure to the chassis. 3-4mm cable ties work best for securing cables. While these clips greatly reduce the wear and tear on your paint and equipment, we suggest 1-2 wraps of electrical tape around the chassis tube to avoid rub marks from cable ties.