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Malcom- Lexus JZX-110 fitted with KW V3 suspension

A small story we received via email...

"I am a 22 year old car enthusiast that has come through the VW marque and finally purchased my first Japanese turbocharged vehicle. It's a Toyota Mark II JZX110 2001 model with the famously smooth 1JZGTE 2.5 straight 6 with a single turbocharger, rear wheel drive and a manual transmission.

The car was brought to Australia with Japanese brand name coilover suspension which began to fail not long after I purchased the car (within a matter of months). The internet can be a daft place, but in this instance it lead me to seeing the KW Suspensions produce a V3 spec coilover for Lexus IS200/300, which is compatible with the JZX110 platform. 

My major pro's for going with KW
- One of the most reputable mainstream suspension brands (a la Bilstein, Ohlins etc)
- Previous experience with a MkV GTI Golf
- Much softer spring rates than advertised Japanese coilovers
- Purpose: I am not a drifter and do drive 99% on the street so I needed the best street coilover that could handle getting to a (planned) track day and perform there also.
- Cost: whilst KW (at least in V3 form) is an expensive coilover system I feel that what they offer is remarkable value for money when compared to a "one dimensional" system featured in Japanese suspension.

I have found people get in the car (still set on my "hard" setting) and complimented that the ride is better than their car when it was standard. The car is on 17" wheels with large tyres which obviously contributes to this, however I still believe the ride qualities of the suspension is worth the extra money.

My first real test of performance driving with the car was with suspension that was less than a week old and on the 17" tyres previously mentioned as a combination at Wakefield Park in early December 2012. 

Timing for the day, my best was a 1.20.xx in the first timed session, which dropped to a 1.17.xx in the second. I had an instructor come with me and improved greatly, even let him have a steer. In an "out, 2 flyers and an in" sequence he reeled off a 1.15.9 and had never driven a JZX before (Evo fanboy). I eventually made it to the 1.16.62 marker as a PB and was chuffed with the day. Lots of fun!

The car doesn't have much power (really), or an elaborate suspension setup (coilovers and strut braces), a large amount of weight (1500kg +) and a rookie driver but it performed flawlessly throughout the day. 

Chris @ TPR Engineering was great, even answering his phone on a Sunday when trying to fit the suspension. It's the great lengths he takes which makes it good handing over money to him. 

The bottom compression adjustment is fiddly, however that's not a massive negative.

Would definitely commission Chris to source more KW suspension if required for future car purchases!




Scott, VW Tiguan 2.0TSI, HP DQ500 DSG tune


I wish i had done the DSG when i did the (APR) Stage 1 upgrade, it should come as a bundle.
Since the DSG tune i don't think i have used manual mode, have not really tested sports mode yet but i can say that it is much, much better in normal drive mode.
The way it changes back to 1st gear when "almost" stopped is heaps better for taking off at give way signs etc, before it used to stay in 2nd and was very sluggish to take off.
It now drives more like a 6 speed untill 7th is actually required, It's basically how it should be from factory, the APR boys should sell it to VW :)